Friday, July 23, 2010

Paying More Lobby Money Than Mahathir

Mahathir paid just a few million to see Bush via disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff but Najib pays 10 fold more than him to APCO - that's a fee for an a yearly contract - same amount for another year's contract.

And according to Malaysiakini,  Najib paid $15K USD to get Quinn, Gillespie and Associates to help him appear in an editorial article. It's splashing a lot of money for him to appear once. But when I watched the Connector of the Day segment (CNN's) that featured Anwar Ibrahim, I noticed that CNN made a strong response to the dongoo by the name of Shafie Apdal that they never got any payment or so to have Anwar to appear on the show. They instead met them and interviewed them. 

Can Perkasa, having hit John Malott back for being branded a militant go and hit that anchorman Max Foster for interviewing Anwar? I am still scratching my head. Why there are still hardcore people who call Anwar an American agent don't even realize that their own leaders are actually the other way round? Why hit the other side when you don't even know that you yourself are doing it?

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