Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gagged Phrase and Herd Cows Running

I call it as a gagged phrase or a taboo phrase if you would. Malaysiakini reported of a "confession" by an editor that there was a directive of not using the gagged phrase called "Barang Naik". If there's one person from the PM's office that directly said so, it would the PM's press secretary, who else?

Look, what the gag order means is to cheat the people, and to bluff to say that it's just the adjustment. Does the adjustment means, now ride motorcycles to work, drink half a cup of tea for breakfast and so forth? Does this means that you tell people to do it, whereas you people who rule do the other way round, with our money in your disposal? If that is merely as a measure for anger control, think again, unless there are dickheads who would blindly believe into something, even if that is wrong.

There will be a day where editors will have to make the tough choice of choosing either one, show the truth or let the rot run over you. Not yet, but when we're treading the fine line between life and death, then that's where the tough call will come in.

Obviously, when the gag order comes in, the editors have no choice but to do as they are told. Can you imagine that as akin to a herd of cows running in one direction across the field, when there's dust and hoofs from one direction? I do like this Jerai MP, who was describing the gag order as to create cows out from editors and people. There's a better word than cows - zombies.

Kaki bodek, whatever, and there's the reaction a yes-man reaction from people like Husni, Shahrir and some NGO people. But little do they know is that the sinister agenda behind it is that do you know who is really selling Malaysia's dignity out? If BN calls people as traitors to Malaysia for standing up for something that  should be right, then what about that statement? We already have an answer already in the form of subsidy reductions. The economic hitmen is stinging on us, people!

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