Friday, July 30, 2010

What About The Other Big Fish?

Pic by MI
In light of Ling Liong Sik being charged for two counts of cheating over the PKFZ, there are several parties that are questioning of charging the other big fish that were involved. Of course, earlier on, there supporting characters of the PKFZ including OC Phang were already charged. 

Of course this article by The Malaysian Insider about 'PR unconvinced by charges against Ling' is something that I agreed upon. And of course it serves as to question Superman OTK's statement that no one's above the law. Let's put his statement in the current Malaysian law and judiciary. Do you think that even one big fish has been caught that the others will be caught as well?

Remember that there are still bigger fishes involved in PKFZ including some UMNO men mentioned behind the scenes. Do you think that they would catch them? Some of us have cautioned that when OTK is removed as the MCA president, the next man to come in will sure try to bury the PKFZ into the ground or sweeping it under the carpets? Do you now notice something bad behind Kong Cho Ha (being Pornstar Chua's lackey) order the PKA must pay the remaining money to the bondholders? 

Sadly, PKA couldn't do much of the thing, but the only logical thing is to bring the other big fishes into the net. Of course the figures include Chan Kong Choy, Tiong King Sing and some several UMNO men behind it as well. Then that will mean that Malaysia is living by Superman's statement. But now OTK is grounded, so does Superman at this time!

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