Friday, July 16, 2010

See, 5-in-1 Price Hike, We're Sheaples!!!!

The subsidiary cut is the first since Idris Jala's warning of Malaysia going bankrupt within the next 10 years or so. The cut on sugar was due to the fact, that Robert Kuok is no longer the Sugar King and the monopoly has been inherited over by Syed Mokhtar Bulkhary. And of course, things would run different when a captain replaces a captain of the ship.

Apart from having to repeat what is to be expecting from tomorrow onwards, first I anticipate people would say how come the cut comes out in the sudden instead of giving a period of one week to settle down and start with it? What time did the news came in? Read it and you be the judge.

However, what we don't know from this matter is that we are sheaples. Sheep sheparded into the trap by the ruling party. In fact there has been a plan from the beginning to have everyone moved into using RON 95 petrol. RON 97, since then has hardly been used. And when all are moved towards the net, the trap is sprung, - ala price hike, and no one can escape from it.

A shame that most of us don't even know of such sinister agenda that is in hand. Nations were told in a summit, (hidden hand controlled by entities ala Illuminati) that the price of oil has to gone up, it has to be raised, subsidies cut and well, people had to fork out more than usual. People still don't know that this is the idea of an economic hitmen who would con nations of money and to cheat people out of it. And government falls for it.

I have been trying to tell people from late 2007 that they have made the wrong choice of picking the MOB group  (gerombolan). There were electorate posters / banners from the opposition, that I've seen that said, nak turun minyak, but it seems many people are still not willing to get the idea of switching another party, and still keep the same thing running on for 53 years and counting!

Ubah Gaya Hidup? Huh..get real, it's making things more worst. In fact, this slogan Ubah Gaya Hidup is actually putting people into sheaples. Look at what the slogan has done to an average Joe. Time to reduce APs and reduce car prices if everyone wants to buy a car. Time to revalue the exchange rate to be 30 percent cheaper. What more? And yes, bring down the mob.

I once scolded an old woman online last time for picking the wrong candidate in the Hulu Selangor by-election and like I said, I felt one time being right because even you pick that candidate, this is what is happening in the long run, we all paid the price for making the wrong choice. So, please wake up for now you should realize that everyone has been cheated by false promises.Yes, it's a double-edge sword manuever that the Najib administration is moving, at the expense of facing the wrath of people.

I still once remembered what Pete said back in Brickfields before the GE.

Orang India ada Hindraf - Indians look at the present time.
Malays worry of overdraft  - Malays tend to look at the past.
Chinese worry of bankdraft - The Chinese would look more ahead into the future.

Let's do one more thing - see whether if such statements come out tomorrow:

1. Sugar / Oil / Petrol is not good for health.- Already sugar is mentioned in the Pemandu press statement
2. It's more expensive in other countries than here. - A cliche, likely?
3. We still give subsidy, we still monitor prices, we'll make sure the prices are right..

Say, I am starting to feel that it's nonsense.

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