Monday, July 19, 2010

Getting Up And Fighting The Right Thing

This is not like in peninsular Malaysia. It has become a public knowledge that Taib Mahmud has amassed a big fortune overseas in form of property worth of billions. Such buzz of that subject on cyberspace has given the sense of irritation to the state government that there was a media gag on the subject. As to add more pressure to that, there were numerous reports of mismanagement reported to the Anti-Corruption Commission. Of course, I doubt they will solve the entire case in an acceptable period of solving.

There is a report that four state dailies have already started to defy the directive, and in line to what state PKR chief Baru Bian called the gag as a revealing the act of the guilty man that is Taib Mahmud. Of course why the only four is because the rest are either pro-Gerombolan or those who are owned by tycoons that fear of permit renewal problems so forth.

But what the four did has set the tone that people should do, which is fighting to do the right thing! Why keep quiet like our major presses who kowtow to the PM's office over the taboo phase 'barang naik'. Of course, the gag is sure to reveal who's the guilty man after all, yes? Show some balls, won't you guys?

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