Friday, July 13, 2007

How Will You Fight Bootlegging For This?

Maamor Osman, the head of the Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia has called for the government to ban the movie Evan Almighty, the satire comedy of Noah's Ark - sequel to Bruce Almighty - from showing at our shores.

It is understood that the content of the movie has some moments that are deemed offending against the Malaysian Muslim community.

However, one main pro is against many contrasts:

  1. Black markers and scissors means censorship - and leads to more piracy.
  2. Some people want to watch but if that is banned, people will have to resort to bootlegging.
  3. We are still facing religious tensions from events such as the Lina Joy case and the raid of 4 banana leaf shops in and some groups are trying to make more of the ruckus from what we've recovered already. Add fuel to fire...
  4. It's just entertainment really. Why make the ruckus out of it?

Just shut up. Just put the notice "Not suitable for Muslim viewers" as how The Passion of Christ was shown. End of story...solve the problem...what more do they want?

Update: Rais: Review the movie first before calling the ban

Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Dr. Rais Yatim has rapped the organization mentioned above for creating tension despite that the fact they have not seen the movie.

"If you have not seen the movie, I don't think you should create tension."

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