Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Were It Not For Blogs...Part 2

Continuing from yesterday's entry, Were It Not For Blogs...Part 1.

Scenario 2:

Screenshots blogger Jeff Ooi posted a 14-part series of the SMS Scam - and lambasted the MCMC - the Multimedia Commission for its failure to act against the repeated offenders, one company namely was a content provider company called Macrokiosk Limited.

On May 30, Screenshots posted a report that a woman under the herring of Jonathan Wong was spammed by Macrokiosk about 210 times in the period of 17 days. The NCCC was aware of the case as reported by Screenshots.

The chronology of the SMS scam is here:

However the newspapers only pick up the cue about two weeks later.

Under the pressure of complaints by consumers, Macrokiosk acted after receiving the complaint. On June 12, they started refunding to clients who were charged without consent.

Goh said customers – whether prepaid or post-paid users – were refunded after the short codes were suspended.

According to statistics given by Goh, 448 customers were affected and the refunds to them amounted to RM1,103.20.

“However, the total loss in potential revenue for us amounted to slightly over RM1mil due to the suspensions,” he added.

Goh said this proved that there was no reason why the company, which had interests in 10 countries, would want to scam customers.

He said the suspensions of three short codes 33380, 36116 and 36226 had already been lifted by MCMC while the fourth, 32400, would be lifted soon.

He also said that in all three instances, SMS continued to be sent to customers, although they had asked for it to stop, because of technical glitches.

Goh added that the company processed more than one million SMS a day and as with any industry, there were bound to be glitches or bugs.

The total amount they had to refund was about $1000. However, they were hit heard with a $1 million loss due to the suspension slapped by the MCMC


  1. Macrokiosk do no scam, they spam and illegally spam to charge money. Their customers made them the largest spammer in the country and spam all the way to other countries.

    If anyone wanted to help the country, just suspend each of Macrokiosk short code when they did spamming and proven spamming. No mercy!

  2. I stayed in Singapore for 3 years and I once got spammed by a company name zingmobile. I was surprised zingmobile is also in this part of the world, spamming and cheating money like no tomorrow. Another big spammer mtouche was fined in Singapore for cheating 500,000 consumers charging money without subscribing. The duo gangster should be captured and went through business ethic classes to reduce the spam damage.


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