Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm Sorry For The Pathethic Display

Dutch: Are you the boss? Your subordinates are a real waste.
Alfred: I'm sorry for the pathetic display.

Black Lagoon : Moonlit Hunting Grounds

Out of two matches, they put in only one goal, but conceded 10.

These two matches that Malaysia played in the Asian Cup matches against China and Uzbekistan respectively shows how pathetic they are no matter where they play. Home or away.

The question now is who are the parties to be blamed for the kind of pathetic display. The players? The coach? The management?

Not one party but everyone.

The players: They kind of playing attitude and mentality even off the pitch is totally unacceptable. Maybe this is because of our way of living and the mentality that they adapt is carried altogether into the playing field. They couldn't even do a simple task of defending the area when the opposition is playing on a counter-attack. The motivation and the principal of winning at all costs is missing. I remembered part of the philosophy of "let God determine" it is putting too much fear into them. But amazingly, our Arab football players from the Gulf never carry that thing when playing. They clearly know the difference of playing in competitions and the living culture.

They could have push faster in the Cooper Test and watch their kinds of food they take. Wenger always motivate his players to go for low-fat and high-energy food for them to move all around the pitch for the full 90 minutes. But our guys here tend to have more nasi lemak, nasi kandar and all of those favorite Malaysian food against proper nutrition.

How pathetic of some people: the skipper, and defenders in particular.

The coach: Norizan Bakar should know better to determine who are the all-rounding players who are capable in doing all the essential tasks like passing accurately, defending well, man marking and all sorts of things. He could have done better against China by putting the good players in the starting 11.

I remembered that Wan Jamak Hassan did very well when he was coaching Malaysia in the 90's. Tiger Cup runners up, Sea Games runner up. He could do that. Shebby Singh was one of those players in the 80s that did very well in the international field. He was the host of the UPB team - he knows the minimum requirements that a player should have before you can touch the ball in competitions. Some who are playing in the field failed in some aspects.

Norizan misses out a few things: man management, judgment and most important of all the motivation needed to drive the players.

Throw him out and go for full-time footballers, not part-time footballers as most of them are now.

The management: There are some senior officials in the national football association or the state association that knows how to do the pencil-pushing but never understands football.

Coaches and players are picked mostly base on favoritism and creed but never on the capabilities, mentality and the mastery of other disciplines of football. And worst of all, there is corruption in the management that appears in every nook and cranny of all corners of Malaysia.

The rot will have to be stopped - at all costs.

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