Sunday, July 8, 2007

Time For Vigilantism?

A South Korean hotel management student died today after 10 days in the hospital after being attacked by a road-bully in front of his house in Kelana Jaya.

The irony here is that one of Malaysians killed them with a golf-stick - the same weapon that the Sultan of Johor once allegedly did against a golf caddy - a big saga which led to the amendment of the Royal Immunity in 1993.

This killing is prompting foreigners to reconsider taking up the Malaysia program as the second home. It happened at Diaman Crimson Condos. And the killer is on the run.

Perhaps it is time for citizens to arm themselves with handguns as a tool of defense. Such thing as this is a life-threatening scenario and you need a gun as the last resort.

For this purpose, handguns should be considered but with strict control to prevent its misuse. Injuring the attacker's kneecap or leg would be good measure to buy you sufficient time to get out of the mess.

A 1911 or a small revolver is sufficed. But potential license bearers should be required to go for a mandatory course on gun-usage and something else before being certified as sane bearer of arms.

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