Thursday, July 19, 2007

You Should Quit. You Can't Cling Forever.

Many of my friends totally disagreed with FAM president Sultan Ahmad Shah (ruler of state of Pahang) over its decision to stay to perform a investigation over Malaysia's abysmal display of show in the Asian Cup.

A recap: out of the three matches played, Malaysia only scored one goal and conceded 12. They lost all games and ended bottom with no points.

The Sultan was in charge of the association since 1984 and the amount of sponsorship was very high. In one year, Dunhill sponsored $44 million a year until the year of 1998. Despite the sponsorship, Malaysia still rots, from #75 in 1993 to #149 in the FIFA world rankings.

Is it because of low money and lack of carrot stick that the players do not perform well?

Is it because of the thinking mentality (stay stable on the boat) that affects the game.

The fear to perform?

No, it is because that they have lack the discipline and they play like schoolboys.

The schoolboy mentality is what that kills them.

It is high time for him to quit. In paper, he quoted that he would leave to the FAM congress do decide on whether he should continue or leave. The latter would be my choice.

We should cite our ex-PM Mahathir Mohammad and Gerakan head Lim Keng Yaik as examples of stepping aside and let young leaders to take charge of an organization. They have served the organization well and it is sensible to pass the mantle to others.

You can't cling onto something forever.

But however, this example does not apply to MIC man Samy Vellu who still remains in power and still cannot decide on who would be his successor. He wants someone who could follow the model that he imposes onto the organization. One of the organization's deputy, Subramaniam could be a good man to lead, but to Samy, he is seen as unworthy to do so.

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