Sunday, July 1, 2007

Tiring But A Worth Weekend

Yesterday was my colleague's wedding day so the first thing in morning was to get my car fixed. Initially I thought having to paint together the front bumper but the cost together with the repairs would be at around $300 plus after special price. I nixed the idea due to budgetary constraints but I told them that I would have it done in a few months time.

The next thing was to settle the damage due to the other guy's car. He was working downtown but he was on medical leave because he fractured his left arm - not severe though - as his arm was placed inside the spacing of the steering wheel when the accident happened.

Once it was done, I went to the hotel to get some rest. Parking was a concern. I decided not to park at those legit lots because of the cost. $6 for the whole day until 7 a.m the next day. But then at around 6 I parked across the other side of the main road at those City Council-legit spaces as it is free of charge from 6 until end of today.

One thing frustrating though was that the traffic condition was quite bad at around late afternoon. That is why I ditched the idea of driving to the restaurant and instead took a railway to the bus station. From the Pudu bus station, I walked all the way to the restaurant - it was next to Swiss Garden Hotel.

About 20 people of our company came. Mostly management people excluding Muslims - since it is a non pork-free premise. I guess I was the first two besides William, the finance manager arriving at the place first. Then it's my other colleagues coming. As a courtesy, the boss and those department heads showed up.

The dinner was just routine. Mostly it will only start at around 8.30 p.m. If the invitation card says that it's 7 p.m, then it will start at that time. I know, since the wedding dinner of my distant relative too starts at the same time, except the card mentions it as 7.30.

That's my colleague on my left as the bride, and Samuel as the bridegroom.

I was with Ong, the new tester, talking a few things including wine. Shame though that there's no white wine. It would go well with fish and seafood. So I hitched a ride with him taking through K.L - he's not that familiar since he's mostly from Kajang, a town about 15 kilometers south of the city center.

Even the room has an air-conditioner, I didn't use it at all, the fan was quite powerful and it's provides the humidity of the room. The checkout time is slightly earlier, 10 a.m. So I went for breakfast and decided to see if there is a room at my first place that I rented when I first started work in Kuala Lumpur. Thankfully, they still have it and I decided to get that place. The old landlady - a sister of my dad's friend - wanted some company since her daughter moved out two months ago.

I thought of going back there since the rate is cheap and this room is next to the one I used to go. It has an air-conditioner and a detached bathroom as well. Then in the afternoon, I had a meal with my cousin, who was asking help to get some songs online and creating an audio CD.

Quite tired really in the end, but it's worth the weekend.

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