Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Moore's Law: CPU processors

Moore's Law (named after scientist Gordon Moore) predicts that there will be a paradigm shift in technology in every period of 18-24 months.

Right now, the PC market is now introduced to the quad-core processor. Basically for starters, it is four processors packed into one chip, using the 65nm technology.

As for Intel, their quad-core processors are called as Kentsfield processors.

Sooner we could be expecting a 45nm processors by the end of this year.

Intel has released the QX6700 early of the year, but now it releases a 3Ghz quad-core processor at the price of $1000. Or RM 3450 here now.

But one article that has attracted my interest about quad-core processor is that it could possibly be applied to gaming technology so that we would no longer use 3D graphic cards to power games.

A problem with most games is that they didn't take advantage of the multi-threading capabilities. But some are taking advantage of that and now Valve - the makers of Half-Life 2 declared that it is possible to discard the reliability of 3D cards in future and rely on quad-core processing.

Sadly in Malaysia, we don't really follow the Moore's Law concept owing to the fact that new items would tend to come late compared to Singapore and other developed countries like the U.S. Mostly it's because of decisions from HQs or maybe through inspection by Customs. I was told that the US has its own Customs office in Westport of Port Klang, not Northport.

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