Monday, July 23, 2007

The Weekend

Finally, back after a good break. But I still had the kind of mild fever that made me a bit weaker than ever. I had a bad cold since Saturday, but I am getting a little better by the evening.

I already managed to get a place to stay from August onwards as there will be some people coming in to restore the state of the house back to where it was before we got in about two years ago. So, most probably I will be spending this weekend making the packing and the arrangements of moving back and forth to the new place. About the furniture, the new venue was fully furnished and I was told that I can pick stuff that I can take along to the new place. But at a price of course.

A good thing though is that the place is quite convenient for me to move in and out of the town. But the problem is of budgetary constraints. Don't forget that I still have about a quarter of credit needed to clear off due to the cost of the notebook. Hence, the next few days will be a bit packed, depending on the condition.

This was the first time in two months that I met my father. In the previous two occasions, I could not see him due to a schedule conflict, he traveled to Vietnam and Singapore recently for business.

I know that there has been a hot buzz over the worldwide release of the final book of Harry Potter, but I decided to take my time and I absolutely refused to dig more about that thing, as not to spoil the taste and my predictions which I mentioned in the previous post. I just think maybe to play time and get a copy whenever I feel that I am able to do so.

I didn't have a good sleep for the last two nights. I just simply couldn't go to bed early because of the bad cold. I couldn't understand why it happened or what. But I felt better today with Panadol Soluble.

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