Sunday, July 1, 2007

Revy Two Hands Does A Terminator

One of the Black Lagoon episodes that my brother showed me - Moonlit Hunting Grounds has a very reference theme from the first Terminator film.

In the first film, the Terminator crashes into the police station killing people in search for Sarah Connor - a target for termination.

In here, Revy Two Hands was given a job to start a ruckus as part of the distraction to recover a painting from the hands of the Aryan Socialist Union party people who was having a party on board the ship.

Screenshots of the episode is available here.

The few things I find it amusing:

  1. Dutch's conversation with the old SS man about the painting.
  2. The killing of people aboard by Revy Two Hands.
  3. Fritz Stanford's bragging - he should have shoot Revy on the spot.
  4. Charles Whitman reference. Killing people whenever he goes.

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  1. Wow! You changed the layout for your blogspot. Looks good. :)

    I've been so down lately with the maid debacle and all. Hope to meet up with you on Wednesday evening. :)


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