Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tiresome Weekend

Quite tired really.

I simply could not think of how to elaborate my weekend which is quite tiring.

1. Company has a bowling tournament at the Curve in the morning. Arrived 5 minutes late when my department's PA called me over the phone to check on me. Told them that I was in the parking lot.

2. So nervous but excited of playing bowling, I was expected to be paired with Fauzi and Zaidi, as mentioned in the previous team. But three days before the event, I was paired with Mariah, Felicia, Emma and Raj, the Audit head.

3. Everything went well except for time needed to re-calculate scores. I knew I am playing well, but I was slightly nervous at the first game though, managed to strike home to keep in touch with leader by 1 pin. In the end, I won both individual and team despite the trainee guy winning the last game by 19 pins.

4. The prize was a $150 voucher, which I will be using to buy a gift for a relative in mid-next month.

5. Spent the last two nights carrying things in and out of the car and then carrying it over to the new place. While writing this post, I still have a few more things left to carry - mainly clothes and some hardware, utensils and so on before leaving this house forever.

6. I took some time to attend a BAR Council talk about handling if there is case of a person being caught for the blogging phenomenon. It's an informal discussion and at least I get to have a rough idea of handling in case of trouble caused by idiots of the Bolehland. Will elaborate more in later posts.

7. I was invited by my schoolmate Patrick over for a party that lasted from 8 p.m. until 3 a.m. in the morning in Bangsar. The house that he's sharing with some people is organizing a party themed "Arabian Nights". I tried to call my friend Daim over, but he didn't show up. He didn't drive to work and was quite tired after he came back. A response from him ,"See first" according to Patrick gives a hint that he's declining the invitation.

8. I was too tired and I bunked there until 9.15 p.m, where I woke up and left the place, while the others are sleeping.

9. There's an AV fair in Mariott and I just make a visit to see HD television, projectors and the HD-DVD players. I went there for a while before moving the second round of equipment to the new place. Also visited the church for friends as well as killing time.

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