Friday, July 13, 2007

Punished For Ignorance

On Wednesday I went to watch movie Die Hard 4.0 with my friend, taking the advantage of every Wednesday low offer of $7 per ticket.

Interestingly while there are a plenty of jokes and running gags in the movie, the most amusing part is Kevin Smith's role in the movie - Star Wars geek, making lots of complaints, fuss and name it. I remembered that while Matt was held hostage by Mai, McClane crashes into the building driving a truck in a funny I'll Be Back gag as a nod to the Terminator movies.

But the main theme of why cyber-terror attacks that happened the movie is indeed is Bruce Willis' dig (his production company Cheyenne Enterprises) at the Bush administration. If you recall, Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant - Mr. 47 in the upcoming Hitman movie) tried warning the high-ranking officials of the NSA of a potential terrorist strike post 9/11. Instead they ignored him and then stripped him of the dignity. The secrecy that the NSA practices infuriated Cyber Department FBI deputy director Bowman (Cliff Curtis)

This is indeed a wake up call that the Bush administration should take immediate action, but in the end it's the fat-pencil-pushing pigs in Washington that has the right to determine the fate of USA. When the fact that the U.S ignored the warnings and FEMA hit the fan and leaked out to the press, people got so angry that Bush's approval ratings hit low. And low it goes low and lower. This is the punishment for the ignorance. If we keep the kind of mindset, we will eventually be punished for our mistakes.

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