Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Manner Schnitten Wafers

If there's one thing that is my current desert, it's not cakes. It's just chocolate.

They say that dark chocolate is good for health, particularly your heart. But don't eat it often.

Currently, the chocolate that I'm taking would be the CAMIOR chocolate locally made by Beryls.

But the one I am looking forward is the Manner Schnitten Wafers.


“Chocolate for everyone”
This was Josef Manner’s motto when he founded the confectionery dynasty in 1890. At the time, chocolate was a luxury item. One kilogram of chocolate cost the equivalent of two day’s work for the average labourer.
Interestingly it is also the favorite snack of 'Governator' Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you recall a scene in Terminator 3, he takes his favorite Manner Schnitten wafer into the shopping cart.

And just in case if you forget, here's the snippet where Manner Schnitten is seen. (after 21 secs)

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