Monday, July 23, 2007

The Real Truth Is A Lie?

"Detention, Mr. Potter! That is a lie. I repeat that is a lie!"

-Dolores Umbridge, Order of The Phoenix
I don't know why some people would deliberately make noise or have much ado without nothing.

If you are doing something that is right, you have nothing to be afraid from those scavengers who lurk among the shadows waiting to strike at you.

But if you do something that is against what the people stand for and the common people know it, of course they would vent their fury against you.

This is happening now at Malaysia. I don't really know what to comment on the recent events that is happening now. I just a brief moment of pondering, supposedly within the next 5 years when up becomes down and black is white.

I wonder, will Malaysia eventually no longer becomes a secular state? The MCA - representing the Chinese community in Malaysia had reminded our other friends regardless of race and the UMNO that Malaysia has been declared by our forefathers that it is a secular state that everyone is entitled into. Free to practice religion, free to commit to something beneath the ceiling of the law and etc..

Hisham's opinion reflects the "shut up and listen" mentality that some inconsiderate but powerful people are trying to impose on us. Okay, but what if that there are much more truths that are not revealed that the people should know? Or is it that the fear is that people will not react accordingly should something hits out of the fan?

We bloggers are not telling lies or inciting hatred among the people. We are telling the truth - with facts. We are kept reminded by Dr. M's words about blogging - be truthful, accurate and know what you need to say. To be among the top countries in the world, Malaysia has to change and discard some of its mentality that is embedded into the life's cultures here. No more being complacent, everyone working to contribute to the country and no more making bullshit or corruption.

This is the creed that it is carried by every bloggers no matter where they are. That's the number one rule.

We are providing the alternative channel rather than having to being pushed into one big tunnel.

I know RPK's writings. He can be our very own Noam Chomsky of Malaysia. I already told you all many times of what we can we do were it not for blogs. Investigation to Joe's alleged corruption, blah blah blah.... If we do not say this at all, maybe some villains will walk free while innocents suffer.

Of course RPK's site is a member's only website, which means every comment is vet properly by the man himself before it shows out later. If he's able to moderate the thing, why, does our bullies want to make a ruckus out of this? Putting there is to make people think of some weird things that is happening recently and so on. It's not for inciting racial hatred. Perhaps some had misintepreted the content of the post that was said.

Is this part of hiding the truth that will stun people? By calling the truth as a lie?

Just today, UMNO information chief, former Selangor CM Mat Taib has filed a report to the police about the post dated yesterday written by RPK as part of the "Corridors of Power" series. Charged under various acts - Penal Code la, Seditions Act la, and the COMA act.

Some of the posts could not be accessed. When you try access a post, a could not find MYSQL database record error would be shown.

This indeed mirrors a spoof post by TV Smith:
Props to our bro, the former Mentri Besar, who came out swinging like Tyson. If only he has e-mail... we can send him the url of the offending blog. Also with KY on his way out, we don't need to use the Saliva Act anymore. His ministry can now hammer the bloggers with the Sedition Act. Yay!
Bloggers don't go and bullshit things online. If someone's shitting online, that fellow will have to be sent a nut house. This is critical thinking as what Tun Musa Hitam said last week - many mid-class people would meet out and discuss issues affecting Malaysia - politically and socially.

Don't Talk If You Don't Know How To Blog

Elsewhere at the National Assembly, a senator Dr. Puad Zakarshi has called on tough action on every blogger and branding us "bold and arrogant".


1 . Are bloggers really the ones that will destroy the nation? It's hackers, not bloggers.
2. Will the non-social / political bloggers be spared from this kind of witch-hunt? I don't really think so, even those who posted their diaries of whatever they want to say - think it as the online story book will have theirs being read by the watch dogs.

The problem is that these people have lack the understanding of what blogging is like and the experience is about. Let's try asking them about blogs and give them one full day to try. Are they likely to try this out? Okay, if they try it out, and they say it's quite an immersion, do they call us as "corrupting?"

Why can't we follow the example of our Indonesian Ministers? They have blogs already. They talk to people, they clarify to people why this happens and so forth. How many of our government ministers have blogs? Only a few though. It's a shame. Because that shows how shallow the mentality of people running the show.

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