Saturday, June 21, 2008

All The Head's Lapdogs And The Head's Yes Men...

couldn't put Abdullah Ahmad Badawi back together again!

Haha...yes it could happen soon when Abdullah gets kicked out of the office. But this is not what I would like to say now. I'm just simply appalled by how the yes men reacted when SAPP decides to start a motion of no-confidence against Dollah Badawi.

Take a look at how those honchos like Samy Vellu, Ong Ka Ting and even Koh Tsu Koon reacted - by rushing behind to support an incompetent prime minister that is Dollah Badawi.

KUALA LUMPUR: All Barisan Nasional component parties except for SAPP, pledged support to the continued leadership of Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as Prime Minister.

They condemned SAPP president Datuk Yong Teck Lee's comments that he and the two SAPP MPs had lost confidence in Abdullah, saying that the move was unethical, without principles and went against the spirit of the coalition.

Barisan however said any action against SAPP would be decided only after its (SAPP) supreme council meeting so as to determine whether Yong's stance was his personal view or that of the party.

These decisions were made at the Barisan Nasional emergency supreme council meeting Thursday.

SAPP was not present at the meeting because the party was not invited to it.

Barisan Nasional component parties also agreed that they should make sure all their MPs attend the parliamentary sittings and reject any vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister.

Abdullah said that Yong was greedy because in the recent general election he wanted to contest seats that had already been allocated to other component parties.

He said Yong was swayed by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's promises of a higher post.

Abdullah said the controversial announcement by Yong did not bother him because as a politician he (Abdullah) had already been through a lot and as Prime Minister he had a lot of work to do.

Apparently, they were ordered to reject the motion of no-confidence and they were told that they would end up in the whip that is Najib Son of Razak if they go against the order. So that is it means by being a longkang Barisan MP. See Malaysiakini's article at this link.

Joseph Kurup has also picked up one of the MCA's signature lines. MCA used to say that DAP is a traitor to the Chinese. Notice the similarity of what he said, an echo called, 'SAPP has betrayed Barisan Nasional.' But then the question lies of what of the fates of the yes men if the Barisan Nasional government falls by September? It is best to do it before July though because by that time there could be hard time for coaxing of crossovers to Pakatan Rakyat.

Hey Samy...go and quit! You have been staying too long for there. As what Cikgu Bard said - 'crazed for power' Please have been there for 30 years already. Give to someone or else MIC will behave like robots in your mould.

As for MCA - Sabah....UMNO declared a religious decree of 'no Buddhist statues there' what did you do? Nothing! When UMNO pulled the dagger antics in the General Assembly, what did you do? Nothing! When Hishamuddin was in fact wrong but saying Malaysia is not a secular state, gagging you, what did you do? You cowered back like a wimping dog!

Is this also happening to our policemen there? If a police officer is asked by his superior to jump out of the window to 10 floors below to the ground will he do that? One of the military standard 11 orders includes following orders from the superior. But then you should have a brain to say that if this order is acceptable or against your instinct, judgment and your conscience! Are our policemen behaving like terrorists (as what Musa Hassan claimed of the Hindraf 5) just as what they did in those 'illegal rallies?'

I can assure you guys out there, not even your stance of the 'yes men' can save Abdullah Badawi from disaster. The yes men attitude has made many people unable to speak up and relying too much on a figurehead. Perhaps the figurehead doesn't want the subordinate to become autonomous. The yes men in the BN cabinet has merely become a shadow of their former selfs, instead they are just...modern day storm troopers.

Do you remember of the nursery rhyme that is Humpty Dumpty? When Abdullah Badawi falls, not even the yes men and the people could put him back together again - unless by some divine intervention or something!

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