Monday, June 23, 2008

A Dog That Brainwashes Students...With Crap!

I stayed at SS14 in Subang Jaya from March 2006 for 16 months before moving back to Setapak last July. If there is one thing I enjoyed about Subang Jaya is being able to access all the basic needs and saving living costs as a freshie out of the university when working. But the one thing I didn't really like was the distance and the bad jam going in and out of the town to either Petaling Jaya or Kuala Lumpur.

By June 2006, I was aware that the tenancy period for the house that I was renting with a friend of mine was expiring in August, so I spent the two months looking for a place in KL which is at a low price and easy for me to go out to work, get groceries and leisure. Fortunately I found one and the last two weeks before July 31 was spending on packing a lot of things and moving equipment back and forth on the two places there.

I recalled that when writing this since I came across a story by Hannah, the Subang Jaya ADUN that her invitation to attend the school reunion was indirectly objected as teachers, and prefects of Subang Utama school were met with threats of sack if they continued inviting her for the reunion, since she's a special VIP. The story hit out and every parent, ex-students and even present students throw their support behind her. There is nothing wrong of inviting a VIP over, unless the main reason of that is because she is from the Opposition party and the person who threatens other is nothing but an UMNO clone.

The number question right now is who would be the person that issued such threatening thing? It could be the principal of the school, a powerful PTA commitee member that has ties to UMNO / BN or a education officer who hates the sight of Opposition-affiliate VIPS just as what 'Tomboy' Azalina did to those 5 PR states as the Tourism Minister. Surely that asshole must be a running dog for the Kerisman. Just as what many said of BN; still in AIDS - denial syndrome.

Hmm....I really do look forward to find out who is that person really. If you guys manage to find out who is the one really calling the shot, do reveal who that person is and I will 'play the COMMISSAR' thing. If Zorro says of his own unique 'Mexican Gas Chamber', then mine is of a Russian commissar thing... That person is definitely a chicken!


Addendum: According to the school's website, there is a link to show the board of administrators, with the principal's name is one Mohtar Jaafar. So it seems, he's the first suspect likely to end up on the 'shoot the coward' thing....


  1. SMKSU will be having an annual charity drive event titled Malam Seribu Bintang 2008 on the 19th of July and this event puts pressure on the students by the administrators to sell the tickets that are price above RM 100 per person. We should call a boycott on this event.

  2. "objected as teachers, and prefects of Subang Utama school were met with threats of sack if they continued inviting her for the reunion" total bullshit. Goverment school arent allowed to invite opposition leaders to conduct/VIP an official school function, that is the one and only reason. Hannah Yeoh should't twist people words like that


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