Thursday, June 5, 2008

Revolt To Putrajaya

There was a protest today at Pudu and Ipoh over the fuel hikes. Many people including noted politicians like Wan Azizah and Mr. Mahathir said that hiking at the immediate notice is actually unrealistic and should have been done in stages.

Perhaps now this could be a wakeup call for people who still think that Barisan Nasional is their only friend. Well, I don't know if they are foolish or not or blindly choosing them, now this is the first thing they get for voting for them, particularly the 51% of voters who chose them. Now then , who's on the suffering end? They or you?

I have to agree with certain points from Mr. Mahathir's posting that says:

1. Better approach in the form of retaining the fixed rate system and increased the value of the Ringgit, say 10 per cent at a time, the cost of imports, in Ringgit terms can be monitored and reduced by 10 per cent.
2. The mystery question of the profits that Petronas has gained. Where is the money right now?

Question 2 remains a mystery. The people should have opened their mouths and ask for a report of how the money is spent rather than keeping a hush about it. $70 billion in net profts. How would you imagine holding that kind of big amount of money?

People anger is at the peak point. Stock market and forex rate went down because of the sudden hike. I felt Dollah Badawi's wish of no demos was kind of an insult to citizens. According to Malaysiakini, this would result in a mass scale rally at KLCC - aim at Hassan Merican; bigger than BERSIHl 100K audience target - next month. Note: so far, no MSMs reported on this!

Well, the jibe is up for Dollah Badawi. People are hating them already and even those in BN like Mukhriz are criticizing them for the wrong approach. Malaysia is not Singapore where having 3 times more capita is okay for them, but not here. Unless, you guys are getting a pay hike of another 30 percent. But then, Subramaniam and Noraini aren't happy to agree to give minimum wages at this time, right?

Personally, this could have been avoided, and the fault lies on those voters too foolish to see the future and just simply pick BN.

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