Thursday, June 12, 2008

So You Did It Mamak Reezal!

Before the news hit out today, many were told by some people (one of the sources is from BigDog) that Tan Sri Sanusi Junid was prematurely removed as the President of the IIUM (International Islamic University of Malaysia). Under the rules of the university, a president can only be removed by the head, which is Sultan Ahmad Shah of Pahang under the advisement of the Prime Minister.

The reason of why Sanusi was removed was never explained neither in papers nor in the mail of sack. But a good guess by people is because Sanusi followed suit of Mr. Mahathir of leaving UMNO. Following the exodus of people close to Mahathir leaving UMNO, the Abdullah administration seems to see fit to remove people from government positions because of leaving the UMNO party. The sacking came out of the sudden, just as how Abdullah told everyone by the last minute of price increases, which is a timing that he should not do.

If a series of similar events occur in succession after this, it simply implies that as what Chedet said that anyone who is against or not in league against the Abdullah Badawi administration, be it in UMNO or in Barisan component parties are liable and can be dropped anytime to their liking. This would accelerate the effect of brain drain syndrome, lacking creative minds to run a business.

For this case, Abdullah Badawi cannot directly intervene in the hierachy of the IIUM but can indeed advise the Sultan of Pahang to terminate Sanusi's services there. Fortunately help comes from a person, IIUM alumni and through him, he was able to get hold of the Sultan to terminate his services.

The very person who was indeed behind the sacking was none other than the Mamak Reezal Merican, a well known associate of K.J. and one of the political secretaries to AAB himself. Reezal was in two notable occasions divorced two wives (as a result of penchant with beautiful women) and was also the head of the GPMS, who had some butt heads with the public as well as with some people internally. Some in GPMS claimed that he climbed to the top but lacked the experience thanks to political connections.

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