Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Such Statement Means That M'Sia Edu. Standard Is One Step Backwards!

I am simply undecided on whether ABIM's statement on the PSD decision on expanding the quota of awards to non-Bumiputras. on whether they are talking bullshit or whether they are still in the racial blues It's just simply nonsense. The main reason of expanding the quota is simply because most of the people who really excel in their secondary education are mainly from the non-Bumis. To ABIM or GPMS, it's suffice to say that expanding it is a threat to the quota that was 'dictated in the Constitution?'

I don't really think that those arguments are valid in the current times. Those things that ABIM and GPMS speak off are considered gone already. When I read the article that was circulated to other media via Bernama, I was counting the number of instances that Bumiputera was uttered in the article. Almost close to a dozen. What does that really tell you? 'Bumiputera under extinction'? Gee, that mirrors to what was mentioned in 1969.

Fuck off! This is unacceptable!

(Image from 'Blog Dr. Azwan')

That guy is bound to be send to the gallows. If it's GPMS that says it, well, that Mamak Reezal is a disgrace. I heard that the Mericans (from Kapitan Keling) are one of the greatest families in Penang but this guy is one exception. Yes, I do share part of Zorro's sentiment that they are still thinking within that tattered box. And if they are booted out the government, yes I'd be seeing them wandering around the streets booed and looked down by people who really wanted a chance to pursue good education.

You know what? The stance by this asshole Khairul Arifin Mohd Munir suggests that he's an UMNO or maybe Reezal's lapdog. What he said is exactly the reason why the literacy and success rate in a Muslim-majority is below 40 percent! So what Professor Farukh Saleem said about why non-Muslim country's literacy rate is two times higher is indeed true.

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