Sunday, June 8, 2008

Food Cravings Back In Ipoh

After a month or so, I went back to Ipoh this week for my weekend getaway. At a steady 110-120 at the highway going back at a wrong time, that is after midnight; reached home at 2.30 a.m. An ungodly hour, well since because I had some things to finish in KL before going back.

I just really missed the food there. It costs 10-20 percent less but the same quantity you get in K.L. Kampar fish ball noodles at my favorite shop, my favorite kuey tiau noodles and spring rolls at Old Town Ipoh, etc..A bowl of wanton noodles, medium size is at $3.80 plus double amount of small meat dumplings. In K.L it's within $4.50 to $5.00 but less dumplings!

But since today's the Dumpling Day (rice wrapped in banana leaf for Chinese people) I had the chance to have one, but sadly I will never get to enjoy grandma's dumplings, since she was no longer here, gone. The last time she made those, I think it was back in '05, when I just started working in K.L.

And then there's the Kampung Simee egg tarts and ("baked siew pau") that costs just $1 a piece, and it's something that I wanted to get each time I'm back in Ipoh. I had to rush to the Simee wet market in the mornings no later than 10 a.m, since the vast supply comes from early morning. I heard Lim Kit Siang was there weeks before election meeting the consituents there, and I saw the stall selling those stuff....yum!

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