Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nightmare of A Friend

On Sunday night, I told Polytikus that I had a nightmare that involved her but did not elaborate further on what is it about. I could have been telling this a few days earlier but work had taken a toll on my time and energy to write.

The night before that, I was dreaming and it was kind of real; I went to the Malaysiakini website and looked at the 'Latest 10 News' section and saw a very shocking headline that says (time and date not shown):

'Malaysiakini reporter Li Tsin dies of duodenal cancer'

The word duodenal cancer reminded me of the same cancer that killed Toni Kassim. Later on, I went walking to a backlot to collect a car and I saw a funeral parlor. From far I saw a mugshot of the dead placed in front of a coffin and the portrait was none other than our friend.

In my past experiences, whatever things that I saw in my head as in dreams turns into a real thing, as of deja vu. At one point, I would be at a place that I've seen in my head in dreams. This has been true for more many times already. And I'm not joking!

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  1. wtf? lol. um, if i die, it's your fault ok? :)


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