Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Upcoming Tag Battle in UMNO

Recently in London, Najib Razak said that he will not contest against Abdullah Badawi saying that he does not wish to destroy the reputation of the party that his father, the late Tun Razak built upon. This simply means two things, which is:
  1. He expects the post of the Prime Minister in a platter. Waiting for the moment of handover.
  2. There will be a tag match between Abdullah-Najib vs Ku-Li-Muhiyiddin.
But this tag match is not as big as the scale as seen in the recent general elections. But instead, it is two camps fighting out to determine who will be the next head and deputy of UMNO. And the secondary prize is that the team that wins the match is the PM / DPM by default since UMNO heads the BN coalition.

Ku-Li has been running around the entire nation garnering support from UMNO divisions and declares that he is the White Knight that will save UMNO from extinction. Extinction is what Sanusi Junid said that if there is no change in the top brass, UMNO is destroyed by 2013. This has been amplified by SAPP's decision to say no-confidence against Abdullah Badawi and his ministers with one fact - they failed to take care of Sabah.

Of course there are some people who really wanted Abdullah Badawi to stay because he is also the First Finance Minister. And he would be supported as well. The upcoming UMNO elections in December will be very expensive and explosive because there will be money spent by a backer (read: Daim) to make sure Team Abdullah wins. Remember back in 1998 where Dr. Mahathir said that $500 and $1000 notes are declared non-legal tender? To us, the reason is to prevent currency speculation. The other reason is that he knew $3 billion were in $500 and $1000 tenders were smuggled out to Indonesia. To bring it back, would take until 2010, and that is why money could be spend to stop Ku Li.

Since Najib has declared that he will wait for the handover, it could a event of putting the final nail to his coffin. The pattern could be repeated as of how Anwar was sacked by Mahathir even though Mahathir repeatedly declared that Anwar will be his successor a few days prior to September 2 1998. If there is sufficient evidence that Najib's office is involved in the Altantuya murder, then he's finished. It will be a double no-no. Even if Najib takes a U-turn and goes against Abdullah Badawi, chances are high that he cannot become the next Prime Minister. My friend, you better watch out, even AAB is prepared to double-cross you.

And finally what about Anwar in this scenario? Of course he'd be happy to see how UMNO fights on their own and perhaps going into self-destruct mode. With the kind of behavior, playing the race card as well as being in the constant denial syndrome, the could kapoof! Anwar has been making charismatic statements including economy and his PR agenda but it leaves one question out of the cold...why didn't he say anything about AAB in his speeches? Some said he'd go back to UMNO if there is but not likely. Was it because of his passport, held by the government that he needed it badly to do his medical treatment that he owed them a gratitude?

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