Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Swine like DBKL...Ha!

There's a pig machine running around KL City, and the it's name is DBKL!

Yes, the swine has been causing some trouble lately:

  1. Many people objected to the Draft Plan 2020.
  2. Bukit Gasing people are in objection to the development on the reserved area for eco purposes.
  3. Demolishing stalls in Wangsa Maju section 2 in a so called 'punishment for not voting BN'
  4. Petaling Street is said of having too many illegal workers there that on this case, they couldn't take on a bigger fish to fry.
  5. They started summoning the whole Setapak block after the 3 sections one-day protest at the City Hall.
  6. They started beating at the BAR Council on December 9 claiming that they had trespassed their property whereas they got it wrong. They thought they are right all the time.
  7. Of course doubling the fines for some offences as if the previous amount is not enough.

In the end, they had to get poor Saravanan to do the damage control there.

That's just the highlight and apparently, the swine is trying to get something more out of the people to fatten their stomach and their pockets. In K.L, there are 11 MPs and 10 of them, all PR MPs surrounded one Minister who is a KL MP and DBKL tries at times to punish the citizens for voting the opposition. The latest scheme by these fat cats is apprarently to charge poor citizens another 35% of parking using the latest solar-energy parking meters. Although it creates anger, according to Malaysiakini, DBKL later clarified that no price hikes, but the timing has been extended to EVERYDAY, even public holiday and Sundays. Who is actually telling the truth? Mayor or otherwise?

Earlier today, Titiwangsa MP, Doc. Lo Lo Ghazali was with the people opposing the idea of charging extra to the people.

HOI! It is still the same as charging another 35% money lol. Nak charge ka non-stop? Have you forgotten one of the 10 Commandments? - Keep the Sabbath Day Holy, which is Sunday? Sunday is supposedly free, doing that means you are violating what is truly Sunday! You swine! You want charge people some more ah? Is planning unit behind this? Extending it to 10.30 some more, you are just like robbers! Then you send your enforcement men to go around and come out with more summon tickets, ah? People are now paying more beyond what they can save...use your head! If you do that, be prepared to get rubbed with salt further on your wounds, DBKL!

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