Friday, June 20, 2008

Game Over for Son of Razak?

Fellow blogger Biggum Dogmannsteinberg has an explosive revelation that could shake Malaysia in the form of an SD (Statute Declaration) by none other than Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

The inside content, where Peter has been reliably informed reveals:

1. There were three additional people not mentioned in court at the scene of the crime including who actually used the C4.

2. One of the sultans were briefed about this.

3. Military intelligence have confirmed that the first element is true and a report has been given and notified to Abdullah Badawi and Son-In-Law for safekeeping.

If true, this means that the game is over for Najib before he even gets to be the next PM. This also shows that Abdullah Badawi has deliberately withheld justice even though he has promised judicial reforms. At this time, news (according to Malaysiakini) has reached the attention of Najib and he is mulling for another round of action against Peter.

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