Saturday, June 7, 2008

Even God, The King and The Dead Aren't Pleased...

with those capitalist stooges everywhere including Malaysia for what they have done to the common folk. Yesterday, the oil prices at the NYMEX or New York Merchantile Exchange got its biggest gain, when oil prices hit the record of $139 per barrel for the July contract. Those capitalist stooges are in a panic where fearing of drop in the US dollar, they place their bets on the oil following yesterday's Dow Jones fall of 3% or 400+ points.

Now, in the last four days or so, starting from the evening where Dollah Badawi announced the fuel price hike, the skies in Malaysia aren't that friendly in the afternoon. Heavy showers and thunderstorms, repeating even until today up north and south seems to show one message, methaphorically to the so called stooges and rogue daylight robbers.

Like I said previously, in Chinese believes, an unusual thunderstorm in China means that God is the avatar, the representation of him on earth and you are not to disobey his mandate to rule here. When this happens in here in the last few days, it means that the King and the people are ANGRY against Dollah Badawi and his misfit advisers including the 'Rogue Banker' Yackop. Even the dead are not pleased at what he has done. And so do some in the UMNO camp which aren't that happy over the sudden decision that caught everyone off guard.

Today is the King's Birthday, born out of the conception of having the Agong as the Supreme Ruler of Malaysia. To the unknown, it is always celebrated on the first Saturday of June. The King has to go through the protocols for this special occasion, and he must even faced Dollah Badawi and the other cabinet ministers. But the King is of course angry since Dollah and those Terengganu camp honchos do not agree with the palace's decision not to appoint Idris Jusoh as the MB. And as the example, Patrick Badawi, Kamal's partner was declared a non-person there. Well, he can't show that in the public and he just gave the message to the people to be patient over this spike.

There is of course a spiritual realm where the souls of the dead can watch over the physical realm but they are not allowed to interfere with anything. Of course, I'm sure that they agree with God that the people are angry and suffering over such decision by incompetent rulers against the people.

If the stooges of Malaysia think they can cheat the public for personal gain, think again. The King, God, and the dead aren't pleased with you idiots there. Take Act 5 Scene 3 from Shakespeare's Richard III, there's proof that the everyone aren't pleased with such 'villainy' on you Dollah and your misfit advisers!

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