Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Are You Really Sincere or You Are Easy To Lie?

Saturday or Sunday, Jeanne 'Danker' was saying of planting your own vegetables, rearing your own chickens or whatsoever in this current situation. Then today, Datuk Dollah tried to calm people down by saying that minister's pay is cut by 10 percent.

But are you sure he's sincere? Look closer.

The more important thing is to cut down his bloody corridor projects. If you remember, the total amount that he borrowed from IMF or World Bank for those mega projects, ECER, NCER, Sarawak, Sabah corridor projects plus IDR is coming close to $1.2 trillion USD. Shouldn't he cut down on that rather than asking people to 'change your lifestyle?'Even there's a cut on the Minister's pay, the pay of a minister is still high!

According to Malaysiakini's survey, some people do feel that whatever was announced by Dollah Badawi is just a smokescreen for something that they do not want us to see. So, it's okay to say that Pak Lah Mudah Tipu!

Here's something to cheer you up: Kick Badawi The Game!

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