Friday, June 13, 2008

You Couldn't Face Them In Today's Protest So....

you must be a chicken coward, Dollah! Yes, today more than 2000 people protested from Kampung Baru to Sogo (a change of plan following intelligence reports that police have tighten the blockade to KLCC) over fuel hike protests. Yes, Friday the 13th, then today it must be a nightmare to you and your honchos.

I mean, you should have the balls to face them and tell them in the face rather than going to Kelanta to do the shit there. When you turn away from the people who are unhappy, it simply implies of two things, that is either:
  1. You are telling them along with your BN honchos to shut up, accept and listen without giving them a space to open their mouths and ask questions. Is this how teachers teach their students in school? That is the same model!
  2. You knew they are going to overrun you and you are cowering in fear.

I hope the option is #1, not #2. If it's 2 then the level of embarrassment is quite high.

There are some pictures that clearly tell you that the people, have admitted of making the mistake of voting for you. Making many u-turn decisions, as if you are undecided.

But this is only one protest. Come July 5, if the number of people coming hits 1 million as PROTES wanted, then be prepared to be shamed on national TV. The infamous bragging of 'saya pantang dicabar' is turned into 'jangan cabar rakyat'.

According to Malaysiakini, the police claimed that today's operation was a success because the protesters couldn't go near them at KLCC. But they should not don't brag about it. Because they will not be able stop a lot of people as in the BERSIH rally come July 5 - Not even 4000 people can arrest 1 million people.

The reason Police Act 1967 was established was because of the people scenario at that time, whereby the cohesion between the three main races is still not at the satisfactory level and it was in place to ensure things do not go the other way wrong. This scenario hit the right tone back in 1969 when Tunku Abdul Rahman told Tun Razak not to issue permits during the election campaign in which Razak did against the Tunku's orders and paved the way for the May 13 riots.

Today, people from many races no longer are mindful whether you are black or white or whatsoever skin tones you are. They are able to gather in more than 5s without creating a ruckus. Which means, that the Police Act 1967's current state is somewhat outdated, irrelevant, or you can put in many adjectives to describe the Akta today. Either it needs to be revised or abolished. As demonstrated in today's rally, people are able to go together without posing any kind of danger to others. They are ready, but what about Barisan Nasional? Still thinking that common people are school kids?

Someone said that Abdullah Badawi could handover to Najib at most around 15 September, but Najib's tenure could be over before it begins or after a few days when Anwar wins a by-election and has MPs crossing over. So what he hoped will go in tatters.

I was told that during operations where FRUs and those blue uniform men are around, only an OCPD man like Zulkarnain Rahman (head on the ground) or above rank can give the order of having the FRU to start the ruckus. If Anwar's taking over, then he's likely to be finished and possibly - be prepared to be sacked or transferred.

Anyhow, whatever the case is, the people are clear and they want Dollah Badawi down.


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  1. See you on the 5th July for the gathering of the Rakyat.

    The message to the BN government must be loud and clear.

    The Rakyat must not pay for the incompetent leaders.


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