Sunday, June 1, 2008

Promoting YEW-TUBE on TV1's BLOG

I asked Tony today, in the afternoon how he got invited to the show. According to him, after last week's episode, the heads of the show was asking Rocky on any person he can suggest for this week's episode. And then his name was mentioned because he was one of the few people who has vlogs or video logs.

So he was invited there.

Told me that he had to be there around 8 p.m for some makeup before the show and in terms of security, he has to notify security of what car (reg. num) he'd be driving over to there. He also had to prepare a brief summary about his blog a few days before coming over for the interview.

I was expecting him to raise some lamenting and high-tone criticism and confrontation, as he told me in the afternoon, but then it turned out otherwise. I heard that there would be about 13 episodes or so for this show (perhaps it's a trial run) but not quite sure though.

So far, out of 7 episodes, it's 6 males to 1 female (Nuraina of course!) and mostly those old and senior age bloggers. I wonder who could it be in episode 8? A very old one or a young blood one like Galadriel?

Ok, he's promoting his video log there and well, hope to rewatch it on YouTube a few days later.

Credit to Howsy for the extra info.

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