Friday, June 6, 2008

Slashing Mickey Mouse Taxes

I just had some thought about this thing after the fuel hike thing: why not slash some taxes that are 'Mickey Mouse' taxes. Note: Mickey Mouse is a military slang for bullshit.

There was a piece of interesting note that the actual price to buy a Toyota VIOS in the international market is about half of the price here. The other half is consists of import duties and some other bullshit stuff that is put in here. I thought, if we slash the thing off or maybe a big portion to it, it would be easier for a person to buy a car to move around. After all, the transportation system here is still in a mess and not quite efficient enough.

I don't think toll rates can be taken off right now, but at least it has to be reduced because the concessionaires needs to recuperate the development and upkeep cost. As for road taxes, I think it can be worth a feat to remove road taxes altogether, but I doubt the Barisan government or Ong Tee Keat, who did win with some intimidation tactics in Pandan Jaya Parliamentary seat somehow (I was told)... would fully say aye to the idea.

Now here comes the interesting part. Everyone, kids and even teenagers pay three common taxes: service charges, government taxes and of course entertainment taxes. When I recently watched the Celine Dion concert back in March, I was reminded by a spectator (I overheard) that a quarter of the ticket price you pay is entertainment tax. Imagine 25% - don't you think that at this time, it is burdening the people? My idea is to slash entertainment tax down to 5% or remove it totally because it's the people's welfare that goes first. But I doubt that Tomboy Azalina would agree to it given of her antagonistic behavior at the 5 PR states.

Anyhow, that tax has to be removed. Well, government tax is an exception. Okay that's fine.

I also had doubts on the 10 percent service tax. It is basically forcing you to pay the tip to the staff. But I had some reservations to it really. I was wondering what's worth the tax paying for if the services rendered to you are pretty bad? That's something I had to ponder. Maybe, it is time that a ministry and Customs department (*spit*) do a monthly review at the premises to see whether if they are qualified to have the tax or not. Otherwise they should be revoked of the entitlement!

But it's the import duties right now that is giving the trouble now. If the import duties are reduced significantly or better than that removed, perhaps Information Technology in Malaysia penetration rate can improve much better because it gives people better chance to purchase computers. Or perhaps a better time to buy food or car.

Isn't that something that the government should look into?

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