Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hulu Selangor Nomination Day

Man, it's like a carnival out there. And to beat the traffic, I went there at 4 in the morning, using the old road, passing through Rawang. Even it's before dawn, the police has setup road blocks around the block surrounding the nomination center.

This is what it was around 6 p.m. And still no one. Before 7, the stalls have been setup and I was told that here, they do not require permit as in Port Dickson, due to the government of the day. And of course the first VIP to show up was Nizar, and then the other big VIPs coming in for the show.

Since the nomination starts at 8 am, everyone from the party starts showing up to support their candidates.

I saw a little child shouting Reformasi and this brought the attention of everyone including us so that they cheered for the child. I am pretty sure Hisham Rais would be happy to hear that...

Later at the day, Nasharuddin Isa famously declared that the amount of support of PR outnumbered the BN people by the ratio of 5 to 1. I actually went around to see and the numbers are not that much with most BN people that I encountered were Wanitas and those from the MIC. Later I heard that Speaker Haram, Samy Vellu got pushed by accident and got injured by the barb wires barricades placed by the police.

I was fortunate to get this shot from a roof. With help of a shopkeeper's young daughter, Stephen and I managed to get some shots of PR parading from right to left of the street.

In one of the paths, the PR supporters were one the left higher ground while BN was on the right. They exchanged chants, insults and so forth, but what was interesting there was paragliders that only the cops can do it. I was wondering whether if the police is in collusion with BN or not with that impression.

By 11, after objections and so forth, only four candidates left, with two independents, each from their own BN parties as to show objections to the BN top brass and so forth. I won't elaborate much on the presence of the PR MPs and the Selangor state assemblymen coming for the show of support but in the press conference. In the PC, Zaid was amplifying a statement that he wishes to help the Felda people there. And there is a posing of him with the legendary Fan Zhongyan, a Song dynasty statesman who wants to pursue reforms. Thuan Chye was saying it is more or less about votes from non-Malays but it is view as parallelism.

The broadband connection yesterday was pretty slow and I was exhausted so it was long sleep really....but that's not it, so watch out for other spaces in this blog regarding yesterday's event!

Dang, it took me a pain 3 hours to load the pictures up and it is only a small portion of it. Could be doing it later on.

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