Friday, April 30, 2010

It's Unprecedented!

There was this story of an NTV7 editor / award-winning journalist Joshua Wong who quit because he could not stand for too much political interference from certain parties including Bik Mama Rosmah - he named it without hesitation and this was really unprecedented. Simply the reason is that whoever runs the station could not take the stomach of having a person from the opposition coalition to present his case on topics of national interest.

Later on, an editor for the Chinese show in TV2 was also had the same fate of quitting, in which according to Malaysiakini things get worse with RTM tightening the leash. I can see that it's refusing to accept what is happening and it is indeed a breach of journalism ethics here.

I've never seen and read before how such thing happen was influenced by Bik Mama. No previous wives of the Prime Minister has done that before except her. She is not a politician in official capacity, neither a minister as well. If she falls in that ministerial capacity, then perhaps. But she is just the PM's wife. But wielding like being a cutter block. Not in the last 30 years or so.

From what I heard, she was pretty unhappy of French lawyers coming down for some fact-finding mission perceived as outside interference with Malaysia. But then isn't it a quest to find the real truth? Not the one told to us simply. Let's make it clear that it's just investigating DCN's kickbacks on selling to countries. Their own agency..not Perimekar or so forth. So maybe there could be some confusion there.

I do always get a feeling that Bik was in a panic over these three things although we don't see her statement that shows losing of cool out there.

It's unprecedented and unusual, ain't it in this sort of ramblings?

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