Monday, April 12, 2010

Who Really Pressured Pornthip?

When Pornthip said that she was not prepared to testify when the inquest resumes next week, it threw everyone and the government in panic. The government offered them protection, while the state government offered her video conferencing as not to require her physical presence.

The question mark remains on who actually were the force that are trying to pressure her off from testifying? The first party that comes across my mind could be of some people within the Anti Corruption Agency. I am not saying all, but I believe there is a group within the agency, who is probably responsible for the things behind the whole thing.

I keep thinking about this party itself simply because there is some event similarities that happens to P. Balasubramaniam. As you know, Bala only wants London, not Singapore because he felt much more safer and London being an adoptive turf for him. To show up in Singapore can mean cancelling his ticket for some because if he happens to show up there, he could be extradicted at Malaysia's request, just as what happened to Mas Selamat. That is one half of the thing.

And then I thought of the alleged leaked letter. What if the leaked letter actually answers the whole thing? That someone in the MACC did that? And then there was cover up realizing that the attempt of third degree interrogation of Beng Hock ends up in a catrastophe? Could also this actually backs up the truth?

In the first few months of the aftermath of Teoh's sudden death, there has been a scramble by the MACC to do damage control over its reputation. Could this probably that they see that Pornthip's testimony is going to point fingers at them again, thus tarnishing their reputation in no less than a year after its rechristening?

Nazri went over more bite than he can chew when he accused Pornthip, an acclaimed pathologist, one of the best in the world of being a liar. And that meant filing for contempt by the victim's family. For a man whom at times some people think of him as an arrogant taxi driver, people at times is willing to put a boot at his face.

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