Saturday, April 3, 2010

Projek Pembodohan Melayu: A Case Study Summarized

Last Thursday at the Civic center in PJ, Ilham Centre released the survey and statistical results of their findings on how a voter support and community reaction in the aftermath of the Federal Court's declaration that Zambry being the legitimate MB in Perak. The statistics was based on several methods of survey and it was conducted among approximately 1100 people in the area of Port Weld / Kuala Sepetang

The two main questions posed as mentioned was the present support of the person to either of a party and whether they find the Federal Court's declaration lawful or otherwise.

The results was pretty much predictable given that the survey was conducted in a non-urban area. The summary of the outcome is as follows:

1.Approximately more than half of the people there find the declaration lawful.
2. The majority of those who do not agree with the statement are those who are well educated from secondary school level to above.
3. Most people who said yes to both questions are those who are 55 and above as well as Malay majority.
4. The ration of BN:PR support is still the same at 52:48 with a 2% margin of error noted.
5. Most who don't agree are the non-Malays, each with a percentage of 60% plus.

Here is a sample of the chart to illustrate.

The rest is also revealed here in Malaysiakini.

The end summary simply states that if a snap election is to be held, support will go back to the Barisan Nasional. When this was presented prior to the start of the forum, Nizar would not be trusting much on the statistics above and still claims that the people in Perak are no longer stupid and misled as before after that incident.

Reading this simply implies what Hishamuddin Rais said many times about Projek Pembodohan Melayu. It also implies that the mainstream media, particularly the party-controlled papers like Utusan or Berita Harian has fed the information that Malay people in the heartland (not in the urban) would rely on. The actual inaccurate information has led people to believe that whatever is done wrong is believed right. The more the lie is sent to the people, the more it becomes the truth.

"Hentikan projek membodohkan Melayu" - Hisham Rais

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