Sunday, April 11, 2010

Zaid vs .... who?

A friend told me that it's no budge and it is also Anwar's preference to have Zaid Ibrahim to contest in Hulu Selangor. Arguably that Zaid is the best of the lot since he can represent the Malay community there, forming 65% of the community there as well as his reputation of being a principled person shown in his resignation from the cabinet over the unlawful ISA detention.

It is said that they could put up someone aside Zaid if BN uses someone else other than Palanviel. I think it's better to put Zaid to be on the safe spot. Earlier on, I am informed that the secondary choice in case they want someone other than Zaid to contest would be someone in Hulu Selangor itself or Khalid Jaafar, which is a close friend of Khalid Ibrahim. Obviously he would be the MB's choice, if they decide not to put Zaid there.

As for the BN candidate, we do know it is from MIC, but it is either Mugilan or Palanviel. Samy Vellu would definitely want Palanviel since he would love to have his close friend given second chance, being echoed by Palanviel himself - pleading for second chance.

UMNO Hulu Selangor absolutely doesn't want Palanviel and I see that if that happens, there would be either more spoilt or protest votes against Palanviel. Mugilan is a problem. Why that division UMNO wants him is in my guess is what the UMNO Warlords want to say so or in other words, Mugilan is much more easier to control than them. More of a perfect kaki bodek in exchange for support there.

Of course, this would be the next best thing since Muhyiddin and Najib definitely would not agree to Mike Tyson to fight in the ring again here. Good point though since there's a tainted milestone of his life that royalties and people would remember at that time.

I would say that we should stick to Zaid and for BN, either one would be a good thing. Of course there would be trading of character attacks on either side, like people will accuse Zaid of membelakangkan UMNO and etc.. But if there's a Zaid vs Palanviel clash, then it would be a clash of to champs in the boxing ring, with the majority of win for either side would be a very tight margin.

Mak Cik Felda and Pak Cik Felda should not be pressured by Najib and the mob over the must vote for BN. In fact there should be a time where the mob will be dihumbankan.

I would hope for Zaid vs Palanviel thing.

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  1. Adalah malang bagi MIC dan Samy Vellu jika Palaniviel ditolak secara terang2an oleh UMNO dan Melayu Hulu Selangor - elok Samy berundur jika sanggup 'telan' keadaan itu. Tanpa Samy Vellu, calon MIC walau setongkol kayu pun rasanya boleh menang mudah di Hulu Selangor.

    Zaid memang wajar diberi peluang, menang dan seterusnya ganti Khalid sebagai MB Selangor. Rakyat nak nilai sangat orang cakap pandai macam Zaid samada boleh 'bikin serupa cakap'.


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