Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our Automated Enforcement System With Israeli Connection?


PUTRAJAYA, – The Automated Enforcement System (AES) designed to nab traffic offenders will be implemented after the Road Transport Act is amended by Parliament next month.Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat said implementation of the AES would not only help to reduce road accidents, but also corrupt practices among enforcement officers.

“The idea (AES system) was mooted four years ago but it was only last year that we managed to fine tune some of the past inadequacies,” he told reporters before chairing the ministry’s post-cabinet meeting here Wednesday.

The AES system, which is widely used in developed countries like Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, is essentially a system where cameras are installed at accident-prone areas to detect speeding vehicles and cameras are placed at traffic light junctions to nab those beating the red light.

An estimated 3,000 cameras are expected to be installed nationwide. The locations have been identified by the Road Safety Department and the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research.

Meanwhile, Ong said 201 fatalities were reported during a month-long integrated road safety campaign held in conjunction with Chinese New Year since Jan 21.

He said the figures showed a drop of 11 deaths or 5.2 per cent from 212 deaths in a similar campaign conducted last year.

“The average daily death during the period is 13 compared with 18 on normal days, a drop of five deaths daily or 27.8 per cent,” he added.

He said a total of 14,185 cases of road accidents were reported during the campaign period this year, a drop of three per cent or 433 cases from 14,618 cases in the campaign last year.

Ong said the focus of enforcement during the campaign period was on nine serious traffic offences, adding that it had succeeded in reducing fatal accidents .

The offences are exceeding the speed limit, overtaking on double-lines, queue-cutting, beating the traffic light, using the emergency lane, dangerous driving, overloading, not wearing the safety belts and not wearing crash helmets, he added. - Bernama (25.2.2010)


I remembered previously where our Automated Enforcement System is to be replacing manual means of enforcement by having cameras linked to the system installed to nab traffic offenders. The installation process, if I am correct is to be commencing in May, with the full system to be on nationwide by July.

But some of us remembered of the so-called E-Force Solution that was to be developed by Web Power Sdn. Bhd. Was that related to the present Automated Enforcement System that is to implemented?

We know that AES that is to be used here is has the bulk of the technology developed by Asiasoft Pte Ltd in Singapore where it was spearheaded by two notable Israelis. You can read Pete's link below for further elaboration. - (Also reported on 27 June 2008) But I was wondering whether it is the exact same technology used in Australia, US or so forth? And the remaining?

Anwar has blew a lid at the corridors of power with such revelation. There are people who scream about themselves against Israelis, anti-Zionists or so forth but caught being in collusion with them will now have to answer now that they are seen with pants down. But this kind of technology here, reminds me of how dangerous people or BN selling secrets to other nations. That's what economic hitmen will tell them to do and everyone of us will be paying a terrible price later on. We don't want another Robert Hansen* matter, don't we?

*Hansen was an ex-FBI agent who was caught selling country secrets to Russia by the US.

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