Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's Like Making The Deal With The Devil

PKR is always the weakest link of the big three of Pakatan Rakyat simply because they too many people who are in ex-UMNO or BN who initially shares the struggle, but didn't get the prestige or being elevated into someone high within the hierarchy. When they feel very unhappy on not being elevated, they would decide to jump over if someone from the other side offers them money - maybe that's one point - or they think it's better to go back and admit that they made a mistake of facing the long struggle to achieve democracy and justice, as what PKR's motto claim to be.

In the past few days, members, even branch level committee members have decided to jump ship away and many have cited to say that PKR has deviated from its original philosophy and motto. But then later on, PKR issues the statement to say that these people jumped because they get what they expect in there. But it ain't the war machinery as big as BN who has lots of money and our money in disposal to splash in the by-election, right?

Look, in truth these politicians jumped ship because they were paid to jump. It's now like buying football players for the next season. BN needs 7 more people to get back their 2/3rd majority - sounds like Gollum screaming 'precious' - and they are willing to pay money to them to get out but stop shot of them declaring "I'm BN." But still it ain't make the difference.

There is a difference between a PR man jump ship and a BN man jump ship. You can feel it by seeing the tell tale signs of your assemblyman or MPs. I was fortunate that my MP and assemblyman neither is a frog.

I often feel that whenever people decides to cross over back to BN is like making a deal with the Devil himself. It reminded me of the story of Faust making the pact with the devil to achieve unending power. The first act of Faust is clearly a metaphor of what is happening today in Malaysian politics, where people jumped because Heaven can't offer them much to satisfy or their need. Zahrain is the perfect example where he didn't the golf project in Bukit Jambul.

Sometime ago, I was told that after the PKR two jumped ship, rumor has it that they did consider of going back since they were not given the RM5 million each that they were promised at the beginning of 2009. It's like at the end of the first half - in the story, Gretchen escapes while Faust was left to shame.

I too see the how the ADUN for BOTA who tried to jump to PKR for good but changed his mind apparently perhaps under the threat of the mob. This was what was allegedly said by many and what I can see is usually, you can't back out once you make the pact with devil. That's the allegory here.

Again crossing to PKR and crossing to BN has something in common but it has different impressions and metaphors. In this case in light of the jumping incidents (compare how many go to PR vs how many to BN), there's the old saying out there - "if you make the deal with devil, you better be ready to die for him."

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