Monday, April 26, 2010

Looking Back: Hulu Selangor

The two things that sums up in the Hulu Selangor election is arguably how dirty the game is played and in conclusion, still heading towards the blight despite being warned of what possible things to come. For the second item, it presents a warning that is ignored that people are still willing to be cheated by false promises -e.g. Projek Pembodohan Melayu.

Arguably, the budget that Barisan Nasional splashed out alone was around RM 100 million alone for this by-election itself. Almost half is the ang-pows that Najib Razak used - actually our taxpaying money - to woo voters to keep voting the gravy train. The other half is solely used for the election machinery, even the cost is calculated of having police, election campaign materials and so forth just to win.

The majority of votes for Zaid comes from the Chinese community in which most alternative news pointed to how the opinions of some people in Chinese heavy villages and towns would give a tell tale sign of it. In addition, the votes also comes those who are liberal-minded and mostly those from the young. The turnover was at a good level of 75% while there could have been more people, 15 thousand more that could vote, had if the Mat rempits brought in by some cells of the Barisan have not started the ruckus or so.

The present trend of why BN would win is that most of the voters, (we won't mention phantom voters for now) are mainly those who have the mindset that is unwilling to change for the sake of losing the share of the gravy train. Some were also thinking that staying the same is better than changing for a greater good. These Mak Cik and Pak Felda are, in my opinion wrong to stick the same for they are being mislead with false promises. So does the Ah Maa and Ah Cik in the Indian community. From the on ground reports that I've read, it seems that most of the young vote choose for Zaid whereas those seniors would choose for Kamal.

And there's the postal votes thing. No doubt 700+ of the 1000 majority were postal votes. I believe there's still the vote us or face sack phobia there as well.

I also noticed of some intimidation tactics were also used to scare people in voting for BN. For example, Orang Aslis - having the police and the Orang Asli Affairs department in all the villages there spooks them off and the night before the election, Kampung Pertak, where my fellow blogger Antares resides, had its people confiscated in IDs by people believed to be part of the mob group called BN.

I also recalled a time back in the Putrajaya MP election in 2008 where one staff revealed that everyone was told to vote Barisan or risk facing the sack - I guess that the intimidation that Ku Nan was telling about sometime back. This too is almost the same as in voting in Terengganu, particularly those who worked off shore and in government depts.

It's a shame to see how our money was misused and what an astronomical sum it is to buy voters to voting for them. Back then, when Najib says that a win here means a referendum, I think Najib still shows a school-boy attitude of showing how great you are with a small win here. It's showing how immature of some people think and behave like this, particularly the moment the win was announced.

I believe that PKR started a bit late and got off with a wrong footing, a really costly setback when some people who are tasked in handling the election affairs within the starting days of the campaign quit abruptly to crossover to UMNO. This of course has given a disappointment to PAS people who came to help and it would take a while before reinforcements from PAS come again to help out the election campaign.

I am more particular with the trend of which people vote. I would say that the those who still wish to keep the same trend are still unwilling to face the fact that the world is changing and I must reemphasize that they risk being cheated again in the future if those promises doesn't come in the next 2-3 years at most before GE 13. It's a shame that those who would think to stay the same would face the risk being prostituted again and again non-stop like those Palanviel years.

I went through the Kerling estate during my eventually-aborted trip there on Saturday afternoon and it reminded me of Ladang Silau back in Port Dickson, where there is only "Abandon All Ye Hope" feeling there. On the way to Kuala Kubu Bahru, you can count on how many BN posters against PR posters. Maybe at 8:2 ratio. Seeing that, I don't really think that Zaid could win that big at that time.

This by-election demonstrates that in addition to how dirty it can be to win, it tells us that a win is not a glorious win if you don't play by the rules. It will remain as a hollow victory mainly because of how the swindling tactics that were used by the mob.

So if this is how it is, I can say that don't regret if you get cheated for the promises you get in exchange of choosing the party that turns out to be a factual wrong choice. I see that picking means you support barang naik, trial and error policies and that what I think that people really want?

And I just would like to see how eventually Kamalanathan would be whether he would end up as a UMNO Machai as what I feel it could happen or otherwise.

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