Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You Don't Want a Longkang MP in Hulu Selangor like Kamalanathan

Once a before the general election, I met someone in a forum just before it got started and at the end of our brief conversation, he just simply told be to beware of candidates that could end up as longkang MPs. The term longkang MPs means that MPs that they care of only their own territory and nothing more. Although these people are big in their claims, in the end they can't fulfill their promises because they have to stay in the line with what UMNO says or they will get their asses fried later on, no matter how much they wish to do to live up to their promises pre-election.

In short, you can't do much because UMNO mob calls the shots, not you.

At that time, I remembered that Lim Kit Siang was defending the Ipoh Timur seat against a candidate from MCA. One Sunday, I read a northern edition of the Star paper featuring MCA's Liew Mun Hon going out to downtown, in the customary tradition of visiting people in getting votes. I too people are disgruntled of how the then MP Thong was doing before Kit Siang parachuted in Ipoh from 2004 onwards. In the Abdullah Badawi years, being an Opposition leader while Anwar on break, I can see how he managed to stand up for himself despite having a mass number of BN MPs in parliament.

People back in my neighborhood ain't stupid and we all know, even talking in my favorite barber shop there about picking him and a guy that I can see as a potential longkang MP. Back a few years ago, I So that night, when the results were announced, Kit Siang's was one of the earliest and walked away with a nice majority of 22000 votes. But I knew from the beginning of whom to pick, even there's no love for the man, simply because there are other reasons to consider about.

Coming back to here, the other day, this candidate Kamalanathan was commenting something that I felt that if I am a smart voter there, I someone better unless if you're foolish to buy into the rhetorics of their sponsors, proven examples like Felda settlers were not given what they want despite repeated promises. The other day, he said:

"“Right-wing group Perkasa is not belligerent against non-Malays as its aim is to promote the empowerment of the Malay community"

I got a feeling that this statement gives a hint of more of this Kamal kowtow to UMNO. Even no matter how hard Perkasa tries to deny it's direct association with UMNO, it is a strategy of shall we say of the extreme side of UMNO, just the other side of a party's image.

The other day, the Indian settlement in Ladang Silau in Bagan Pinang protested for they got nothing despite promises and thus voting for BN. I guess that this is the price you get for voting them, being cheated of course. Cheating...the bigger of scale is to cheat the Malays in particular, which is why I have been mentioning about Projek Pembodohan Melayu. We can use that problem in Bagan Pinang as a reason of not getting duped.

Has Kamal spoken once before about disagreeing with cow-herd protesters in Shah Alam? Why hasn't he say anything in the past except recently. Can you count how many times does Kamalanathan spoke out in media print compared to Zaid? Easy to tell who to pick...

unless you choose to be fooled again for another 3 years in addition to the Palanviel's 14 years where there are many complaints by land settlers here and there....

You don't want a longkang MP, don't you?

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