Thursday, April 29, 2010

Zaid Vs Gerombolan

I can't say but to think and imagine that Zaid is fighting at three fronts but two belong to the same wing that is the mob called United Malays National Organization. Of course, Utusan is likely to be the one that gets hit the most out of the two simply because the reporter who wrote that story is likely to be the cause of the blame of the entire newspaper organ.

I don't really have sure thing that Zaid, if the suit is filed and proceed through courts will win against Election commission since they will definitely turn a blind eye on it. Of course if the MACC, picking the cue from Zaid that wishes to look into it, as the new boss said, yes please go ahead with all the testimonies and police reports that are shown right in front.

I did have a thought of some people in the EC being politically affiliated but if such thing happens, it could be a reason why BN would win since there is a probability that there are some staff that could give insider information to BN to plan out against PR in their campaigns, meaning unfair advantage of course. It's better to be wrong I guess.

I really wonder how good will that idea of exposing UMNO's hypocrite members. The more important thing that Zaid should consider is the people including the Pak Cik and Mak Cik Felda - those in the heartland would get the actual info, not being fed with Utusan bullshit and get cheated subsequently. But I hope to see that there will be more slugging out fights between two fronts. It will be indeed something worth watching.

Somehow, the Getting to know Leaders thing should have been done earlier. In addition, PR should be stopping the whack the bag at UMNO and instead should now consider how to top present policies with better solutions, and it should make sense with common people to understand and get the idea of doing so.


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