Tuesday, April 6, 2010

People, You Only Have Two Choices.

As you may know, the newspapers are giving a spin on some news or sometimes providing something that is inaccurate whereas people know the truth via alternative means. It is more or less giving a propaganda to people, particularly the uneducated. As there was a saying though the more it lies it is , the more it becomes a truth.

As mentioned in the previous article "Projek Pembodohan Melayu: A Case Study Summarized", the statistics provided by Ilham Centre is suffice to say that we have been cheated and fed with inaccurate information over the last 50 years. And I see that how people reject things despite being shown of solid proof is one way to make a fool out of himself and insults the intelligence of many people. How can those idiots justify the censure when the Home Ministry themselves acknowledge that APCO is involved in every aspect in improving the PR image of Najib?

Instead of doing the right thing, it seems that Barisan Nasional is hell bent on doing things by brute force. I see how Nazri and BN responded to Anwar's answering of his allegations of the government by putting a motion of censure is reacting like an amok and responding in brute manner. Suppose if there's a revelation of a bigger scale, say if there is a military intelligence that reveals the real person responsible of murdering Altantuya shown to everyone in the face and there's this rejection, it seems that we are cheating ourselves.

As to get yourself educated, I would prefer to have you judge on the actions between Anwar and the BN government over the APCO matter. And it seems those who walk in the corridors of power are feeling more heat as Anwar breaks in more revealings about Israel connections with the police force in Bukit Aman.

To this end, I would have you people read the translation by Hisham Rais on his recent piece. Not only I think it is only for one race, but it is for everyone.


The Malays will be tested whether they are brave to speak the truth when seeing the facts that are revealed in front of their eyes. Or they choose to become insincere people who continue to cheat themselves for their economical interests.

The forthcoming test will be the final test for the Malay civilization. This test tests the values of cultural values of the race, self values and the future of the race's civilization. At the height of these crossroads, every Malay, young and old will have to have to see and judge their own self.

In the end, people you have two choices.

Either you choose to be brave and stand up for the truth
or keep cheating yourselves for the sake of your economical interests.

But I say that if you still believe of a regime that promises change but doesn't walk the talk like BN for the last 50 years or so, you are actually making a fool and cheating out of yourselves.

The Pak Din and Mak Minah are those that has to be awaken to the actual reality. No more staying the same. I see how Felda settlers in Hulu Selangor, being pushed by the PM to vote for BN are those that needs to be aware of whatever actions they will do will affect themselves later on. This is no more or less the same as in Putrajaya just before the 2008 GE where Ku Nan did the same to the voters there. Vote or lose their jobs. Vote or you don't get the incentive. Same thing. Same effect.

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