Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Menghumbankan Gerombolan" - Hisham Rais

Translated, it means, sinking the mob. (Mob refers to UMNO /BN).

I recently watched one of the videos featuring Hishamuddin Rais and I recalled one line which he said that he belong to the school of thought where he wants to see United Malays National Organisation gets sinked. Quotes:

"Your cinema, your poetry, lagu, seni, lukisan hanya menjurus ke satu iaitu menghancurkan United Malays National Organisation. I belong to that school."

Tuesday night, I went to buy my groceries at a hypermarket and I saw a video of 1Malaysia and Najib, scenes in Putrajaya playing in the loop. Before I went to pay, I saw the same video played from the beginning again. After a while, do you find it a little boring to see the thing over and over again?

I got a friend, Galadriel who got caught this afternoon over the DVD distributing thing and I find that it is sensible to tell people not to get being fed more bullshit by the mob. I remembered one line from Spartacus "Do you believe that 500 years of Rome could so easily delivered to the clutches of the mob?". It reminded me of how fearful the mob is right now over the people's anger. Losing 2/3 majority to them in the GE is perceived as a loss of power.

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  1. kita akan kalahkan BN dengan sebatang pensil


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