Thursday, April 1, 2010

Looking For Answers? Already Here...

And the shit has hit the fan.

Previously, some of us including some MPs in the Parliament hall today were asking an answer from the PM himself of what scope of duties, terms and conditions as well as fees that APCO Worldwide is contracted to with the government.

As far as it goes, APCO's official contract is six months with a tag of $420K USD or approximately RM 1.3 million ($1USD = RM 3.27) with such jobs including lobbying - which is pointing to how Nazri and some people went to Washington recently.

There were cases where there is some unwillingness to come clear with the scope of duties of what APCO will do, but in this case, the solution has presented itself.

No more getting hoodwinked by not having the answer. But I bet that Pak Dins and Mak Minahs in the rural land area will keep being out in the dark over this for the papers are unwilling to publish such incredible revelation / breakthroughs.

I also bet that the PM is unwilling to answer it just because of the Bik Mama factor.

The pic above are just part of it. The full documents can be seen here and here.

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