Saturday, May 1, 2010

Yes, Please Quit.

"We can pull them off the streets if that's what you want." - Musa Hassan

Obviously a response to the criticism of the police in light of the 15-year old boy shooting incident. How could an Inspector General of Police said that when people know how bad the police has been in the public eyes over the last few years? They have to answer themselves a few questions of why they would go for the small fish but not the big fish.

1.Why would you go for those who felt the right to dissent whereas there still criminal scum, thugs, killers and so forth elsewhere that they didn't catch?
2. Why were the police prioritizing themselves wrongly?
3. Why were the allocation of personnel are more on non-essential departments like logistics, finance, whereas there is a much need in criminal investigation, narcotics?
4. And finally, why were some of the best cops were moved cold storage?

These are some of the questions that Musa will have to think and answer before going and swinging at the critics at that above. I don't recall neither his excellent predecessors like Hanif or Bakri Omar said that. Only him. I suppose that is the result of manipulating and screwing the whole police system. The latter point - some cops moving to cold storage is something that he should not have done.

This means that he should quit immediately. And the extension period that was given to him was a waste in the end.

Eventually, though not published to the press, most of us know what are the things that he do which goes against the law. No wonder he is one of those opponents of the IPCMC commission that does the checks against the police force. No force and organization in the world is omnipotent. I guess that's why Pete is one of Musa's hated persons that he was so bent of sending him off the jail because of the expose.

We do know of somethings like:

1. Obvious connections to the underworld
2. Moving officers to cold storage in attempt to cover misdeeds.
3. MACC Negeri Sembilan caught him with secret stash of money in his home.
4. Acknowledging that of infiltration of Israeli intelligence into PDRM.

Indeed the Chinese press was setup to send the false story to cover #2.

Obviously I think it's better for him to quit immediately and spare us the embarssment.

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