Thursday, May 13, 2010

How Are The People Going To Respect The Police With Their Current Perceived Behavior?

Youths Being Instigated To Hate Cops- CPO

SHAH ALAM: There seems to be a concerted effort by certain quarters to get children and youths to hate the police, Selangor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar claimed.

He alleged that posting on Facebook and comments on certain blogs indicated that there were irresponsible people urging youths to criticise, hate and defy the police.

"Here we are trying our very best to build bridges with the public and getting them to assist us in crime prevention, but on the other hand, there are people out there instigating youths, especially teenagers, to hate us," he said when contacted Wednesday.

DCP Khalid said parents must teach their children to respect and not break the law.

He said parents must be responsible for their children's actions and must know who they were with and what they were doing at all times.

He also said parents and guardians should not neglect their responsibility or shift the blame on others if something were to happen.

"Although we have been criticised and attacked by all quarters, I want to assure the public that we will not let such attacks demoralise us.

"We have a job to do and it is our responsibility to ensure peace and security continues to prevail at all times," he added.

DCP Khalid also slammed an online news portal for distorting his statement about not wanting to apologise to the family of Aminulrasyid Amzah, the 14-year-old student who was fatally shot by police on April 26.

He said at no time did the police accuse Amimulrasyid of being a suspected criminal.

He said what his officers had stated at the time of the incident was that the policemen in the patrol car acted in the manner they did because they thought the people in the car they were chasing were suspected to be criminals.

"How were we to know at that time of the chase that the people in the car who defied orders from our men to stop were 14-year-old boys?

"My men acted because they thought only criminals would behave in such a manner," he said, adding that he saw no reason why he should apologise to the family when there was no direct reference made to Aminulrasyid or his friend Azamuddin Omar, who was also in the car.

He said at no time did he state to the portal's reporter that they gave chase to the schoolboys who were suspected criminals.

"As I have said, how could we have known at that time they were schoolboys?" he added. - The Star 12 May 2010

Whatever Khalid Bakar said about inciting youngsters to hate the police is not entirely correct. And he is shooting at the wrong target. The big part of the blame should be on the police itself, not the public. The police though enforced the rules, at times have indeed crossed the fine line that defines good cop and bad cop. There are a few bad apples in the force that when they commit those acts beyond their limits, gives overall perception to the public that the entire police force has gone wrong with those things.

No need to elaborate further that people's current perception of 'hate the cops's' simply stems out of several case scenarios like:

1. Apparent murder of people during interrogation / lockup (3rd degree interrogation)
2. Police simply going in to arrest people that carries no objects of violence that gather simply the presence simply states that it violates Section 27(5) of the Police Act
3. Lawyers are not sparred. Whoever ordered the arrest in Brickfields was at fault.
4. If it's a NGO or Pakatan that organizes a gathering, they were seen coming down like hawks whereas if there is a gathering organized by those connected to BN are given a loose around. It gives the feeling of having those from the mob exclusive license.
5. Crime rates are still at a margin not acceptable

No force in the world, even the police force is omnipotent. That is why the IPCMC could have been implemented back in 2005 having been recommended to do a necessary check of balance in the police force. Abdullah Badawi tried to do it, but many of the warlords, particularly those from the Mahathir camp opposed to this idea. Even Musa also opposed to this idea simply because the act is believed to restrict the capabilities and duties that a policeman can render. Instead, those good men and women in the force who sees the real problems and evils are instead cast out into frozen storage

And right now, whatever happens is simply the penalty that Musa and others faced for ignorance and refusing to accept the stark reality of having something to check their control.

So it is actually wrong to say that youngsters are being incited by certain quarters to hate the police. Wrong. What the police do and it is their conduct to the public on the field that the youngsters see will give them the perception of whether they respect the force or they will say podah whenever they see a man in the blue uniform. People and those below the mid-age are nowadays not stupid, (unless you get cheated and dibodohkan of course) to see what goes beyond the uniform.

How can people respect police when they perceived an unacceptable / unprofessional behavior of the policemen?

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