Monday, May 17, 2010

Sibu By-Election Reveals Real Character of Each Group

I was monitoring the counting of votes yesterday in Sibu by-election and of course after the smoke is clear, it clearly defines the state of mind and character of each of main players involved.

1. Muhyiddin left before counting is over back to KL. He knows it's a sure lose thing and he's been put out to dry by Najib, representing him in Sibu.
2. Today, Malaysiakini said that Najib is mulling over whether to give his promise of $5 million to the Rejang Park flood mitigation plan. This was contradicting Muhyiddin's statement that they still will give $5 million as to fulfill our commitments. There seems to be a contrast of statements between two men.
3. There seem to be attempts to vote manipulate the final box of postal votes by the EC as to give a final shot for BN to win, but of course, vigilance by polling agents from PR ensures that no foul play is involved.
4. Both candidates Robert and Richard are seem to be shaking hands in competition, but when BN loses, no bigwigs dared to show up to congratulate the opponent parties.
5. Ominous rumors of how Fat Mama is reacting to the loss shows the kind of 'retribution' intended on those 'BN unbelievers', if you get my meaning.
6. Perkasa starts bashing the Chinese saying they are responsible for BN's loss. MCA of course hits back. There's the backing up of claim that Chinese are enemies Malays and vice-versa as mentioned behind by MCA and UMNO.
7. A reason also explained that the result indicates 'Selamatkan Sarawak Dari Keluarga Taib Mahmud'.

I don't need to point out but except to say that of all the instances of character revelation that spills out after the election thing, the one that shows the most of the real self is Barisan itself. Anyhow, if you decide to go for the change for a better Malaysia we do have a price to pay and a possibility of federal refusing funding over opposition territories (more correctly, enemy territories). Take Penang as example.

Alright, you already have a David vs Goliath story, now back to work people.

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