Saturday, May 8, 2010

First, Korek Korek Korek. Now...Tak Tahu..Tak Tahu

If you are cornered, you would definitely try to delay and lie to escape your ass.

Previously, if V. K Lingam says his trademark "Correct correct correct," then wait no longer for Lingam's successor is Kevin Morais who now says "Tak tahu...tak tahu."

Having going through how Rosli Dahlan was unlawfully arrested, I surmised that Morais was the one who instigated the entire matter. The first mistake that Morais did was not to respond to the letter in which the victim unable to take appropriate action to the supposed response. The real reason why Rosli was arrested was simply because to show that a simpleton do not cross a person walking the corridors of power. Ramli Yusuff (ex CCID chief )was in fact proven, with help of Rosli as his attorney to be a victim of conspiracy setup by bigots including crime bosses.

There was a saying by a famous judge that the simple "I don't know" thing means you are likely to be lying in your teeth and by the end of the first day of trial, the MACC's building of case against Rosli is felling down like a straw and they just get whacked and lost outright. Enough to tell the judge that the prosecution failed to prove their case and enough to toss it out. And of course this forces change of tactics, dragging the trial to mid June due to prosecutor's absence.

Sure, this trial will never get to see the light in the papers because it is also considered additional damage to the MACC's reputation and there's fires to be doused in form of public relations exercise. If such event leaks out to foreign press, worse still. And in this case, the MACC has indeed would conceed at least two goals if this is a football match.

But netizens do know that this man known as Mr. Tak Tahu is a sleeping bedfellow with someone with same sex. And we now know all the bullshit that is put on the helpless Rosli.

Same was what the judge in Sabah called Musa Hassan as a liar, the presiding judge on this case should call Kevin Morais a liar too. Pants burning. End of sentence. And others can add up to it. If V.K Lingam's catchphrase has become a sensational ring tone, then why not this guy if we're tired with Lingam's?

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